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Financial Aid Now Being Offered for Luxury Champaign Apartments this Semester

With posh new apartments popping up all around the UIUC campus, some costing in excess of $1,000 in monthly rent, the Office of Student Financial Aid has started offering grants to help subsidize their costs.

While the move has received a mixed response from the Champaign community, Cindy Garcia, a sophomore who’s paying her own way through school, lauded the opportunity that this financial assistance affords her.

“It means the world to me that the university is striving to provide world-class accommodations for low-income students such as myself,” Garcia said. “How could I be mad about losing my MAP grant now that I have such a kick- ass view? And puking your brains out after Wine Night at Cly’s is a lot more bearable off the 14th floor balcony than it was in the Six Pack.”

Recipients of this aid can choose from several of the most premier dwellings on campus, including THERE. The Green Street apartment’s owner, Dale Jefferson, explained what sets his place apart from the growing competition.

“Most of these other places offer gimmicks like fully furnished rooms and a finished parking garage to sign leases with them,” Jefferson remarked. “Here at THERE, we’ve got jacuzzis equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots, so you can get your homework done and release the tension out of your shoulders at the same time. That’s called living the American dream, baby.”

It’s only fitting that this university helps finance student apartments as classy and sophisticated as the drink it shares its name with.

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