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Frat Guy With Guitar In Room Laments Lack Of Opportunity To Showcase 15 Years Of Classical Training

A guitar in the corner of a frat boy’s bedroom usually serves little purpose beyond nonfunctional decoration, a relic from the era of a younger frat bro with dreams of perhaps someday using that guitar to get laid. However, for frat guy Will Jonathans, the story is very different.

“I’ve played in orchestras all over the world with some of the greatest musicians alive,” explained Jonathans, melancholically plucking away at the strings of his $1,000 instrument. “Doesn’t seem to matter though.”

Jonathans, a sophomore business major, is commonly stereotyped as a “typical frat bro” before most folks get to know him.

“It’s not like I can just whip it out at a party,” Jonathans said. “People just ask to hear Wonderwall or Stairway to Heaven. Then, when I start playing, everybody makes fun of me. It’s a vicious cycle.”

His fellow frat brothers have definitely felt his pain.

“Sometimes he’ll get the chance to serenade someone alone in his room,” said fellow frat brother Andre Segota. “But he never goes longer than a few minutes without them either falling asleep from boredom or trying to have sex with him.”

Jonathans is trying to use his position to uplift frat guys experiencing the same trouble he does.

“Not everybody in Greek life does it because they’re not interesting enough to do anything else,” Jonathans lamented. “I’m tired of having to hide my art from the people closest to me!”

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