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Grainger Hosting All-Night Study Session Homecoming Weekend for Alumni to Relive College Days

Homecoming weekend is the one weekend a year UIUC alumni who peaked in college get to relive their glory days through a weekend full of shitty football, shittier college food, and shitfaced drunken debauchery. But for many, this experience isn’t an accurate representation of their time here, and Illinois is looking for new initiatives to cater to these students. Among these initiatives is the “Grainger Engineering Library Homecoming All-Night Study Session.”


“There just wasn’t anything in past years that appealed to engineering alumni,” explained College of Engineering event coordinator Traci Bechtim. “So we started running focus groups to pinpoint what exactly these alumni remembered fondly from attending school here.”


The results were surprising for these nerdy engineers.


“As lame as it is,” said computer science alumni Chris Schrabit. “The experience I miss the most is watching the sun rise above the silhouette of Engineering Hall after a long, productive night of studying.”


With no social interaction to speak of, and with few challenges and tasks higher stakes than exams, engineering students seem to feel most accomplished and even most themselves during and after study sessions.


“I work for Google now as an engineer,” continued Schrabit, “As great as it is, I miss the structure and safety of taking classes and reminding people that we have one of the best engineering programs in the country.”


The College of Engineering will also be promoting their graduate programs for alumni that can’t handle the real world and want to come back.

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