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Heartbreaking: Nobody Listens When Girl Tries To Quiet Down Party For Phone Call From Mom

As high school parties, countless teen movies, and that one Vine with that guy who gets a phone call from his wife at a soccer game would have us believe, the homies are always supposed to come through when your cell starts ringing and the person on the other end really shouldn’t know where you are right now.

However, as LAS freshman Martha Cooper can attest, this sometimes isn’t the case.

“I don’t know what I did wrong,” sputtered Cooper through tears. “I thought they’d be willing to help a girl out.”

According to several witness reports, Cooper was at an apartment party when her phone lit up with a call from her mother, apparently reaching out after missing their weekly Sunday night conversation.

“Yeah, I think I remember that girl,” recalled advertising junior Joel Angel, who lived at the apartment in question. “I’m not really sure who she knew there, though.”

Cooper attempted to call out to the partygoers over the sound of the 20 or so other drunk college students and the Bluetooth speaker blasting a bass-boosted remix of Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

“They clearly heard me!” Cooper fumed. “Everybody got quiet for a second but immediately went back to talking just as loud. Nobody even stopped the music!”

Reports from several students at the party either didn’t recall Cooper’s outburst or being at the party at all in the first place. Cooper’s fate remains to be seen.

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