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7 Ways To Ice Out Respectfully At Champaign Bars [With GIFs!]

Icing out is an Illini’s favorite pastime, but also a messy activity. To save the employees of your favorite bar a little extra work, take the time to make sure your ice outs stay tidy. Here are 7 ways to respectfully ice out your drinks.


7). Eat The Ice:


Don’t dirty the floor with your rum and Coke-covered ice, chew that ish up. This will not only keep you hydrated, but makes sure you’re getting every last drop of liquor. Eating your ice=getting your bang for your buck.


6.) Use The Trash:


Only neanderthals ice out their drinks on the ground. Bars are filled with trashcans, pay respect to your drinking hole and keep it clean. Extra brownie points if you can make it to the bathroom.


5.) Put It In Your Pocket:


Go ahead and stick your phone in your back pocket to make room for your ice. To keep the floors nice and dry, put your ice into your pockets until you can take them out later. Just know you might look like you peed your pants.


4.) Find A Pledge:


You can find the nearest pledge at a bar by simply screaming “PLEDGE!” into the crowd. One will come running out willing and ready to be hazed. So, when you pull your ice out of your drink, make the pledge hold your ice. Now go ahead and chug your drink.



3.) Give It To The Squirrels:


If you’re in the Joe’s beer garden, scoop your ice out and offer them to a squirrel. You can stick your hands out through the gate and lure one into carrying your ice away. Everyone knows the squirrels at UIUC are crazy, chill ’em out with some ice soaked with a VWL.


2). Ship It To California:


When you go out, bring some envelopes to put your ice in. You can send ship the ice to California to help the sunny state out with its drought problems. This might even get you some philanthropy hours for your house.


1.) Top Off A Friend:


If one of your buddies is halfway through their drink, be the good person you are and put the ice from your drink into theirs. You don’t dirty the dance floor and now your friend has extra ice in their drink.


The next time you’re taking the ice out of a drink to chug it, realize that you can make a better decision than throwing it on the floor. Use these helpful options to make Champaign bars cleaner and the barbacks happier.


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