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IConnect Exposed!: Tour Guides Push PC Agenda Onto Impressionable College Students

Freshman year seminars benefit no one, and IConnect, which “promotes diversity and inclusion,” is the greatest con of them all. Its description makes the workshop innocuous and fun, but we have the facts.

IConnect facilitators aim to brainwash freshmen into libtard snowflakes that weigh feelings over facts in politics.

The workshop prides itself on reinforcing “inclusiveness,” but their facilitators are quick to exclude any and all students who try to bring guns on the tour, or talk up the Chief, or anything not in line with their propaganda. Liberals are into all that gay inclusivity shit, so why is it different just because the Chief isn’t a man they’d fantasize about? Now who’s racist?

The fact is, all IConnect facilitators are liberal traitors bent on making sure people with differing opinions go unheard in America. This is sole the reason for the program’s implementation in the first place.

“IConnect’s purpose is to ensure that marginalized groups are acknowledged,” said IConnect program leader Elizabeth Cubbins in a confidential document leaked last week. “It’s important that people of all races, colors, and creeds are equally represented.”

Yeah, that’s what the “tolerant” left wants you to believe. You cannot deny this is irrefutable proof that IConnect is a rigged system built on advancing its own narrative. The above statement mentions nothing about representing white people with conservative views. Thus, the workshop values feelings over facts, which is some pussy shit. IConnect has been exposed in its attempt to fill our school with weak-willed pussies. However, with enough awareness on the issue, there remains hope for America’s dignity.

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