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Illini Pedal Tour Temporarily Shuts Down After Driver Receives DUI

The Illini Pub Cycle has been shut down after one of its drivers was arrested last weekend for driving the cart under the influence of alcohol while on the job.

At 4:20 a.m. on Saturday, Pete Thomas, 52, of Champaign was pulled over for a red light violation on the corner of Sixth and John when police officer Tom Carr noticed that Thomas was clearly intoxicated.

“I wasn’t too suspicious after he blew the red light on John,” said Carr. “We see it all the time. I mean, it gives pedestrians what, sixty seconds to make it through the crosswalk? The crosswalk is twenty feet long, max. The whole thing doesn’t really make sense.”

However, once Carr approached the vehicle, it became clear to him that Thomas was under the influence of alcohol:

“He reeked of Taaka and wouldn’t stop mentioning that he paid my salary,” said Carr. “The suspect then attempted to flee the scene, vocally encouraging his riders to pedal faster by offering them free Jager bombs at The Red Lion. Thankfully, the pursuit ended quickly, due to the fact that his vehicle was being powered by eight equally inebriated passengers.”

The company issued a statement saying that Thomas’s actions do not reflect the company as a whole, and that Thomas will fully cooperate with authorities.

“The Illini Pub Cycle does not condone one of our driver’s actions,” said manager Jim Bind. “Although our driver’s patrons were heavily intoxicated, there was no excuse for the driver himself to take a shot, even if he was being peer pressured.”

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