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Innovative: UIUC Frat Guy Lines Walls Of Apartment His Parents Pay For With Cases Of Natty

If you thought the brothers of UIUC fraternity, Beta Theta Beta, couldn’t get any more creative, you thought wrong. One brother, Mark Thompson, inspired his entire pledge class after being the first college student ever to line the walls of his first apartment with empty cases of Natty Light.

“After winning, like, at least 10 case races against my frat bros last year, I decided to use the cases as decorations instead of just doing something stupid with them, like, recycling, or whatever,” said Thompson, remembering his glory with a sparkle in his eye.

Despite his parents funding both the apartment, and the multiple cases of Natty Light Thompson and his brothers have bought during their time at UIUC, they seem less than pleased that this is their son’s legacy.

“I sent my son to the University of Illinois to get a degree in business so he could take over for me when I retire,” said Thompson’s father, Ted, looking rather exasperated, “Then I find out this degenerate is using my money to drink shitty beer and skip class.”

Thompson doesn’t quite see his father’s concern.

“All I have to say is…C’s get degrees,” said Mark Thompson, clearly uninterested in the academic aspect of college. “My bros worship me now, after I became, like, the first frat guy ever in the history of frats to use beer cases as wallpaper, man!”

Thompson’s brothers share the same enthusiasm as he does about this truly innovative idea.

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