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Journalism Guest Speaker Turns Class Into a Group Therapy Session for Picking a Dead-End Career

Journalism guest speaker Marina Felmer’s lecture last week quickly turned into a group therapy session for JOUR 451 students at the University of Illinois.

The young and eager future journalists were hit with the grim reality of their career choice by Felmer, a journalist herself, who provided startling insight into her career.

“People say journalism is dead, but your professors probably tell you that there’s never been a better time to be a journalist than now. And I say: fuck that, it’s a dead end! Get out while you still can! Unfollow CNN on Twitter and never look back.”

Felmer soon realized she was guest lecturing to a group of seniors and juniors, who had been majoring in journalism their entire college careers.

“Oh. So you guys are stuck, then? I’m so sorry,” Felmer said.

One student in the class, senior Holly Burns, said the lecture made her reevaluate her entire life.

“I was like, so struck and terrified by the news. Journalism being a dead-end career? I just wish I would’ve known sooner.”

When Felmer noticed students holding back tears, and some openly bawling in the corner, she realized a group therapy session was the only solution. This mainly involved Felmer handing out tissues to sad and sweaty journalism students.

“It gets better!” Felmer said, suddenly backpeddling. “At least you’re not alone. Look at the English majors. It’s not so bad!”

The rest of the lecture involved students holding hands and embracing each other in solidarity.

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