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Bartender of the Week: KAM’s Ady


Name: Ady

Bar: KAM’s

Relationship Status: Married to the game

Major: Studying erotic dancing

Favorite Drink: Sex on the Beach

Favorite Shot: Tequila, it runs through my blood

Disgusting Drink: Non-alcoholic drinks


Make a drink using a wine, a beer and a liquor. What’s in it, and what do you call it?:

Moscato, Corona, tequila. Call it “El Chapo.”


Explain the circumstances behind the earliest shot you’ve ever taken:

Mom handed me a tequila shot and said “C’mon, don’t be a bitch dude.”


What’s your favorite foreign swear? What does it mean?:

Honestly, I mostly fucks with fuck. It fits in everything.


What smell do you hate that everyone likes?:

Hate my own farts but everyone loves them.


Who is your worst enemy? Why?:

My worst enemy is blacked out Ady, SMH.


Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever woken up?:

On the green of a golf course bare-ass naked.


Which music video would you most want to be in? Why?:

“The Thong Song” by Sisqo, it’s always been my dream since I was a little lad.


What would be the first thing you did after waking up to a dead body?:

I’d take another shot and go back to sleep.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

Because I’m in it.

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