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KAM’s Blue Guys To Be Sold In Cans So You Can Puke Blue In Urbana Too

KAM’s Blue Guys are common among any normal University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student. However, Illini students are only able to drink these Blue Guys if they are at KAM’s. Luckily for literally everyone, Bam! Energy Drink, the manufacturer, and supplier of the ingredients that make Blue Guys for KAM’s announced on their Facebook page yesterday they will be selling KAM’s Blue Guy’s in a can beginning this summer.


The manufacturer has plenty of reasons why they would start selling cans of the delicious drink.


“We know that people drink a ton of Blue Guys out here in Champaign, maybe a little too much,” said CEO of Bam! Energy Drink Mark Jones. “Now with Blue Guys in a can, not only you can puke up blue vomit in front of the Illini Union bookstore, but now those weirdos in Urbana who are too scared to be social in Champaign can puke up blue in the safety of their run-down apartment out in Urbana.”



U of I students who live out in Urbana often miss out on campus fun since most Illini bars are in Champaign, but the portability of a KAM’s Blue Guy will take them right where the action is on any given night.


“I couldn’t be happier about a can of Blue Guys,” said Urbana resident and UIUC senior Samantha Martin. “I always felt left out when I would walk to class and I’d see flies swarming blue vomit from the night before. I’m looking forward to being something bigger than us all.”


Information is still developing on the summer rollout of KAM’s Blue Guys in a can.

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