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“This Kid Parties!” And 5 Other Comments Your Potential Employer Has About Your Finsta

A lot of fake news has been going around about the negative implication a finsta may have for your chances of getting hired. The truth of the matter is that in 2018, companies aren’t just hiring an employee –– they are adding a person into their working environment. They like to see a shred of your personality. They look for your finsta’s not to punish you, but to get a glimpse of who you really are. Here are the 6 comments your potential employee has to say about your hilarious and totally relatable finsta:

5.) “Klutz much?!”:
LOL! I cannot believe you totally face planted in front of all the Pi Lambda Psi. And your crush Nate was there?! OMG! He totally saw you! Can you say “embarrassing” much? The fact that you got back up, and are able to laugh at yourself, proves a resilience that can be beneficial in any industry. Since you posted about it adds even more to this fact.

4.) “Ugh, you are such a flirt!”:
All these boys want you, and you’re like, not even interested. You’re obviously such a cute, funny, and relatable person that all these men in your life can’t help but want to date the hell out of you. Too bad you’re way out of their league. You go girl. Rejecting these boys and documenting it proves that you are definitely not prone to distractions. In the working world, you’re going to start a project and be very attune to your project, just like you’re attuned to rejecting drunk guys at bars. Potential employees like that.

3.) “Your TA is a bitch”:
You deserve to rant. I mean, you are worth way more than a C+. For your TA to be so harsh is totally bologna. If you worked for a company, you wouldn’t get a grade. You’d just get a thumbs up for completing an assignment and showing up to work.

2.) “Can I please go on one of your adventures?”:
Walking to the Morrow Plots after Monday Night Lion? Talk about quirky! Please let me in on one of your fun adventures. I can help you steal a street sign, or totally go in that random cemetery by the stadium. Your finsta is proving that you are way too fun for me to pass up this opportunity to adventure with you.

1.) “You’re hired!”:
Overall, bravo. You are so multi-talented, so fun and so cool. What can I say to get you to work for me? We would be lucky to have you. Anyone that parties as hard as you deserves a full-fledged paycheck as soon as you start. In the future, please attach your finsta to your resume to really make sure you stand out over all the other basic bitch applicants that don’t smoke as much weed as you do.

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