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Kinda Weird: UIUC Student Excited to Go Back to Champaign Water

During summer break, UIUC students miss many things from the place they call home for most of the year: their friends from across the world, freedom from their overbearing parents, or, if you’re like UIUC junior, Tom Wolfe, the Champaign water supply.  

“Oh, I can’t wait to go back,” Wolfe said. “There’s just something so refreshing about the water. I don’t know what the Champaign Public Works Department does to make it so good. Fluoride maybe?

While most believe that the water supply dries out skin and thins out hair, Wolfe believes that it’s therapeutic.

“I just feel so clean, mentally and physically. I brought two gallons with me when I left for school but ran through it within a week,” Wolfe said.

Ronnie Bernard, who roomed with Wolfe last year, confirmed Wolfe’s weird infatuation with the college town’s water supply.

“The first time I met him, he wouldn’t stop talking about how much he liked the water,” Bernard said. “If he wasn’t in class, he was either showering, or washing his hands. I didn’t want to say anything, but when we got back from winter break, it looked like he hadn’t showered once at home.”

Wolfe continues to write letters to the Champaign Public Works Department every month thanking them for their services. He will continue to do so during this upcoming school year.

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