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Bartender of the Week: White Horse’s Maddie


Name: Maddie

Bar: White Ho

Relationship Status: Depends on who’s asking.

Major: Industrial design

Favorite Drink: MARGS

Favorite Shot: Red Headed Slut

Disgusting Drink: Miller High Life


Which childhood insult would be the best name for a mixed drink?:

Freckle Face.


What would be in Freckle Face?:

Tequila. Strawberry. Sour. Glitter. Tequila and tequila.


What hashtag most accurately describes your last hook-up?:



Who would win in a drinking competition between you and your dad? Why?:

Me. He’s old.


What was the last thing that made you feel very stupid?:

This survey.


Give us your billion-dollar app idea:

Tell me yours first.


What was the last thing you immediately regretted upon waking up?:

Taking a regular home with me…


What is something you’re certain is true, but has not been proven?:



Which current fashion trend will society most regret in 15 years?:

Bucket hats!


Provide proof you’re not a member of the Illuminati:



Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

To see me, of course!


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