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Mom Scrapbooks UIUC Freshman’s First Drug Deal

Joann Carson, a loving mother of three, was incredibly supportive of her youngest son this weekend as she attended and documented his first drug deal. Her son, Ben Carson, had met the dealer through his roommate’s friend, and was a little nervous about the whole ordeal.

Luckily, his mom was there to show him support.

“As a mother, it’s my job to be supportive no matter the circumstances,” Joann said, gluing pictures of the scene to pages awash with lilies.

Sources say that she used her Polaroid camera to capture images of her son holding up a dime bag of weed.

“She used to go crazy if she caught me taking a sip of my dad’s beer,” stated Ben Carson, impaling an apple to make an ineffective weed pipe. ”Now that I’ve left for college, she’s just weirdly cool with this stuff. I’m seeing how far I can take it.”

It’s unclear whether Mrs. Carson has had a change of heart or is in the midst of an intense mental breakdown. However, her scrapbooking abilities caught the eye of all 12 of her Facebook friends.

“Wow Joann! Looks great, lol!” a user by the name of Nancy Williams commented in response to a blurry image of some colored paper.

The flash from Mrs. Carson’s Polaroid camera later blinded Lion’s amateur DJ as she continued her scrapbooking endeavors. Both she and her underaged son were immediately removed from the bar, but thankfully her Facebook post about the ordeal received three whole likes.

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