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New UIUC Environment Frat Definitely Not Just A Front For Weed Smoking Club

After living in Allen Hall freshman year, fraternity founder Patrick Corby really understood what it meant to love the environment and what it provides for the human race. Due to his newfound passion for the environment, he founded the University of Illinois’ first environmental fraternity.

“Yeah man, living in Allen Hall was honestly an eye-opening experience,”said Corby. “I just really got in touch with the earth on a deeper level, you know?”

Other members of the executive board have also commented about getting close with the environment after meeting Corby.

“Dude, it’s totally groovy,” said Vice President, Spencer Kidney, a very slow and calm manner. “The environment provides so much for you naturally, you don’t even realize it.”

Most members of the fraternity live in Urbana, where their weekly meetings are held. Applicants that were interviewed typically had red eyes and seemed out of it, so it can be assumed that the fraternity has a large time commitment, causing members to get less sleep.

“I just love the opportunities I get from this frat,” said general member Jerry Roberto, eyes red from “sleep deprivation.” “I save so much money ‘cause I don’t have to spend it on weed anymore…since I don’t have time to smoke it…with the big time commitment and everything.”

You can contact Corby via email or find him relaxing in nature if you’re looking to apply. Interviews for the next pledge class are expected to be conducted sometime next semester. Applications close April 20.

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