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Photo Taken Of UIUC Sorority Girls Smiling At Each Other As Awkward As It Looks

Multiple sources close to the Delta Chi Omega Sorority have reported that the most recent picture of sorority girls smiling posted on their house Instagram account, @DChiOmegaUIUC, was as awkward as it looked

The photo in question, featuring juniors Jenni Anderson and Laura Healy smiling at each other, was posted with the caption, “All smiles for the start of the semester!”  

According to sources, both Anderson and Healy were both visibly tense during the shot.

“It was uncomfortable to watch.” said one source who attended the photo shoot. “They were both doing this really obnoxious fake laugh the entire time. To be honest, it was the first time I’ve seen that kind of picture taken sober. I guess I now know why.”

Leslie Ruan, who was Anderson’s roommate last semester, was confused why the two would take a picture together in the first place.

“Ever since Laura hooked up with Jenni’s semi-formal date, they’ve hated each other.” said Ruan. “All Jenni did last semester was complain about how terrible Laura was, and then she decides to take a picture with her where they have to look each other in the eyes. Why not just take a normal picture?”

Despite these reports, Anderson and Healy have both commented “Bff lookin’ fire” and “Ugh love u” on the Instagram post, respectfully.

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