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Quirky UIUC Student Adds .jpg To The End Of Her Instagram Handle

UIUC student Jess Browning is hip, and she wants the world to know it, as seen in her recently adding .jpg to her Instagram handle. 

“I’ve decided it’s finally time to be true to myself,” Browning said. “I’ve always considered myself alternative. Just look at my favorite bands: Arctic Monkeys, B∅rns, Two Doors Cinema Club. Don’t worry—I’m not judging if you haven’t heard of them.”

Julie Robertson, Browning’s roommate, has confirmed the student’s recent identity change.

“It’s so weird,” Robertson said. “When I first met her, she seemed super into her sorority. She would always wear her Panhellenic Council shirt last year. This one time she spilled marinara sauce all over it and still wore it the next day, but I guess now she wears overalls. Ever since she took Art 100, it’s been a complete 180 with her.”  

Grant Sherman, who claims to have ties to Browning, is suspicious about the change over.

“Don’t let her fool you, she still sucks,” Sherman explained. “Seriously, I’ve never met someone with less substance, and I’m a business major. There’s no way she actually knows what a jpg is, by the way.”

Along with altered Instagram username, Jess now posts several pictures at once, so you have to click on her profile to see the full image. Plus, she has moved to Urbana.

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