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The Railroading of Dennis Toeppen Was A Ploy To Facilitate White Genocide

As many students know, Suburban Express received an unjust amount of backlash for an ad mailed out to students in November stating that passengers “wouldn’t feel like they’re in China” on their buses. The overwhelmingly negative response seemed satisfying initially, until you consider that Dennis Toeppen, owner of Suburban Express, really did no wrong at all. Here’s a certified #FreedomFact: Toeppen was wrongfully condemned for his xenophobic remarks so that white genocide could gain acceptance in America.

You read that right: white genocide. If you’re a white American, this is an imminent threat to you. You’ve surely noticed that racism and xenophobia of any kind are more frowned upon now than they were ten years ago. Even worse, white Americans are more frequently condemned when it turns out that they’ve made racist or xenophobic remarks in public, which people then assume dictates how they live their lives and conduct their business.

Why? Well, this is a clear-cut example of white genocide in progress. People of color in America are trying to do away with xenophobic whites, so that they no longer can say racist things and continue to run businesses based on racist practices.

America was built on the enslavement and exploitation of all races, so what are we supposed to do? Say everyone has always been racist? No, we must continue forth without saying anything, because I, a white man, have it pretty good right now and I don’t want that to change.

Dennis Toeppen is a prime example of a white American railroaded after making an innocent, xenophobic remark. What will happen if I do the same? Or your neighbor? The criticism he was dealt is comparable to that of a criminal or wrongdoer. He should’ve been heralded for his bravery in making such a bold statement in these politically correct times rather than humiliated on a grand scale. Just think if Dennis was PC and said, “Anyone is welcome to ride!” Like, who would even ride that bus? No one, that’s who!

This is just the public outrage that advocates of white genocide long for. They are stripping wealthy white Americans of their voices, and the outrage prompted by Suburban Express’ ad is forwarding this nightmarish slippery slope. Just think back to UIUC’s clout fiasco. Do you think all those rich white suburbanites with terrible grades would’ve gotten in if someone had spoken up about their wrongdoing? No! And that would be a true travesty, a heartbreaking attack on the rich white boys this university needs to survive.

If Dennis Toeppen’s railroading has taught us anything, it’s that there’s little we can do to stop this phenomenon from pervading everyday life until white men are held as accountable for their actions as other races, and that’s just a damn shame.

I’d like to applaud Dennis Toeppen through his bravery throughout this entire process. After all, cyberstalking and suing college students is the optimal response to public defamation. Also, the “you won’t feel like you’re in (fill in the blank)” formula he continues to insert into all Suburban Express ads is a clear display of his resilience and originality.

So, props to you, Dennis. White genocide advocates everywhere thirst for your demise, but you’ve truly shown them.

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