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Report: Krannert Center Completely Funded by THEA 101 Students

THEA 101 is a University of Illinois student favorite, as it has guaranteed students an easy “A”. When class registration begins, students scramble to their laptops in hopes of getting a spot in this infamous online class before it fills up.

Recently, a study revealed that THEA 101 students alone fund the entirety of U of I’s Krannert Center each year. This study suggests that the University of Illinois administration created THEA 101 solely to pay for features like the Krannert Center’s luxurious main lobby floor, estimated to cost 1 million dollars.

“I do not have the authority to reveal which sources we get out funding from,” said Krannert Center representative Marybeth Taka. “All I can say is that we hope THEA 101 students enjoy taking such an easy cash…I mean class. Can you delete the part where I accidentally said cash? Thank you.”

According to Reddit, an online forum where students can talk about which classes are “easy af,” THEA 101 is widely recognized among the University of Illinois’ community as one of the easiest classes on campus.

“I honestly just took it because my sorority sister said I’d get an ‘A’ and I can honestly say that I’ve never gotten an ‘A’ in college…like ever,” said, Pi Pi Pi member, Sydney Burnett, “I don’t even care if I’m paying for a building I’ll never go in. Plus I know I’m gonna do well in this class because I have to pretend I love all my sorority sisters, so I have experience in acting.”

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