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Sorority Girl With Fitness Instagram Account Cures Obesity

As a college campus in the dairy-lovin’ Midwest, UIUC is especially prone to obesity. Not only are we in the butterbelt of meat, cheese and bread, college students are additionally prone to gain that dreaded freshman 15 that inevitably transitions into the senior seventy. Communication major, Jessica Carney, noticed this danger and took action.

“I made a fitness Instagram account about a month ago, and it shows exactly what I do at the ARC to keep looking as small as I’ve always been,” Carney explained. “I also take pictures of the salad bar my top-house sorority provides, and honestly, I’ve been seeing a lot less fatties on campus directly due to my inspiring posts.”

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The flood of likes from her sorority sisters and family members from Naperville were overwhelming. She has even inspired others who occasionally hit the gym to joining her cause. Carney’s boyfriend, Jeff Hutch, is also planning on launching his own anti-obesity social media account in the near future.

“I’m honestly just trying to find an excuse to post a shirtless picture without coming off as douchey,” Hutch explained mid pre-workout chug. ”So yeah, I guess I’m all for curing obesity by letting whoever follows my account know I lift.”

This phenomenon is aiding the fight against obesity, and soon, the number of obese students in Champaign-Urbana will be a fad of the past. First, Carney will cure obesity at the university. Next? The world.

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