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Sorority Girl Puts Shot of Apple Cider Vinegar in Vodka Sprite, Rids Body of Toxins

UIUC Alpha Theta Omega member Holly Schultz recently made a post on her blog titled “AlcoHolly,” and revealed her new favorite health secret. According to Schultz, putting a shot of apple cider vinegar in a vodka Sprite helps boost one’s immune system and cancel out any negative side effects of chugging, say, six mixed drinks in under five minutes.

“I was trying to come up with a way to bring together my two favorite things: health and getting drunk at Red Lion, when it hit me…apple cider vinegar!” said Schultz. “I’ve read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar, but was too scared to try it. But then I realized, if I can handle the burn of vodka down my throat, then I can handle the burn of straight vinegar, right?”

Schultz explained to her readers that they should not feel limited to sipping on vodka Sprite. They can now add a shot of apple cider vinegar to any one of their favorite alcoholic beverages, or even use it to chase a shot of tequila.

“Ever since I read her blog post, I’ve been bringing a flask of apple cider vinegar with me to the bars,” said fellow Alpha Theta, Diana Johnson. “It makes me feel healthier knowing I’m lowering my cholesterol and losing weight while still getting drunk with my besties!”

Schultz hopes her discovery will be recognized by scientists in the near future so she can help other people drink copious amounts of alcohol while still remaining health-conscious.

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