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A Spooky Map of the University of Illinois

‘Tis the season of cheap scares – and for once, not a “bottom tier frat guy makes the bartender send over a dollar shot in attempts to woo you” type of cheap scare. A university as dated as the University of Illinois – and not to mention a literal dead guy buried on school grounds – is bound to have a few creepy tales linger across campus. Let this UIUC spooky map guide you to some of the spookiest spots around campus this Halloween:

5.) The YMCA:
A painting inside the YMCA supposedly has a mind of its own. A portrait of a native chief hangs on the buildings wall. When night arrives and the lights shut off the chief escapes his portrait and walks around the building. Why a native American chief would find a YMCA more entertaining than staying inside a painting is unknown, yet the legend remains. Most students will never witness this because – really – what twenty year old goes to the YMCA?

4.) Steam Tunnels:
Unless you have a death (or expulsion) wish, you’ll never come across the steam tunnels underneath the university. Over the years the school has tightened security, allowing only maintenance into the hellish contraption. Students who’ve witnessed the tunnels claim that if you walk far enough, you’ll reach hell. The tunnels grow so hot that breathing in will burn off the cilia inside your throat (if your JUUL hasn’t already). The strict “no entrance” policy the school enforces begs the question: Is it for safety, or is there something they’re trying to hide?

3.) Psychology Building:
A boy once stood at the top of the building and threatened to throw himself off. Though the man never did jump, his death came a few years later. Since his death, psychology majors claim some spooky shit has occurred inside the building. Students alone in classrooms grow tense while chills run up their spines. Elevators open with no one inside. Demonic gibberish is whispered into ears. While it is apparent psychology majors aren’t the sanest of the bunch, are they losing their shit, or is the building among the haunted?

2.) The English Building:
The English Building didn’t always house those who chose a low-paying career. The property was first used as a women’s house in 1905. During the time a young female student committed suicide inside it. The reason behind her suicide varies, depending on what version of the legend one hears. Some claim it was due to a broken heart while others say she drowned. Either way, odd events started to occur after her death. Upon entering the English Building, something does feel off. Lights flicker. Paint chips off worn walls and most of the floorboards creak. Is this poor funding, or the presence of a spirit? You decide.

1.) Lincoln Hall:
Only a few yards away from the English Building and the haunting continues. After classes conclude, students report sightings of a young girl who peers out of a window on the building’s third floor. The ghost appears sad as she gawks down towards passersby at the end of the day. This may be the most believable ghost story, because honestly, who the hell would be in Lincoln after hours if they weren’t dammed?


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