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Students form Club for Kanye 2020 Campaign

 UIUC students formed a new club titled “Yeezus 4 Prez” on Thursday in support of 2020 U.S. Presidential candidate, Kanye West for his “Kanye 2020 campaign.”


“He just seems like a really chill dude, ya know, man,” Yeezus 4 Prez club sponsor Phyllis Wise told The Black Sheep while walking between frat parties at Theta Kappa and Omega Kappa on Saturday night. “It just seems like he’s relatable.”


The organization was formed as a response to the website,, created by the rapper/badass to begin his campaigning. It’s unclear if West will be campaigning as a Democrat or Republican.


Freshman creative writing major Macio Stonebrook-Cunningham VIII said that, “I don’t know nothing ‘bout politics, but Lil’ Yeezy is my boy and he the right man to run this nation. And just think about my baby Kim K being our First Lady, wait no, make that Thirst Lady.” Stonebrook-Cunningham then uncomfortably winked at me and licked his lips.


West is garnering support among many since he can speak Swaghili, a language college-age students apparently understand well.


“I’ve got a lot in common with Kanye,” Wise said. “We both dropped out of top-tier universities. He dropped out of Chicago State, I dropped out of UIUC. We’re the same person. He’s got my support all the way.”


The Donald Trump for President 2016/2020/2024/forever’ club declined our request for an interview on the topic.

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