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Students Rush To See If Azzip Pizza Is As Average As Everyone Says It Is Before Closing

The recent news of Azzip Pizza’s closing  has U of I’s campus feeling distraught over the thought of losing yet another beloved pizza place. While for some Azzip was able to fill the hole that Antonio’s left in everyone’s hearts, many students didn’t choose to give the pizza place a shot until finding out that it will soon be gone forever.

“My roommate has gotten Azzip a few times and she’s always just said it was fine or whatever so I never thought to go there,” explained senior Jessica Robinson. “But now that it’s closing, I just have to see if it really is just ok or whatever, or if I was missing out on an Antonio’s alternative this entire time.”

Since news broke that Azzip will be closing forever on Saturday, the restaurant has been packed with lines almost out the door.

“The store has never been this busy, even when we tried to offer them mac n’ cheese pizza. I thought U of I loved that!” exclaimed Azzip manager Blake Williams. “The boom in business might actually keep us in business, I think we’re going to start saying we’re closing a few times a semester to bring the students in. That’ll get ’em.”

Despite the record-breaking recent business, Azzip is still set to close this Saturday, leaving U of I students to either gain the courage to give Slice Factory a chance or just stick to Papa John’s.

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