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Do You Take Summer School Classes or Stay at UIUC Another Semester?

It’s the 150-year-old question at UIUC: once a senior has four years under their belt but not enough credits to graduate, should they rally for another semester in Chambana or should they suffer through summer school classes to finish their degree faster? This week, two writers argue about what a senior lacking credits should do: take summer school classes or another semester.


Jungle Fever: The worst part about senior year is graduating. Why not make the party last longer and stay an extra semester? It’ll make you feel less nostalgic when all of your friends have internships and you’re stuck in college making $8.25 as a waitress at Merry Ann’s in between classes. It makes it a lot easier to graduate when you’re finally miserable!


Nhoc Nehpets: You’re delirious. If you need to spend more time in college, you’re better off doing it during the summer when the weather is at least decent and you can rule the bars all by yourself. Are you really interested in hitting the bars during your extra semester and spending time with 18-year-olds that were born in 1999? Let that sink in.

Jungle Fever: Honestly, yeah. Once you’ve picked through the viable slam pieces in Champaign-Urbana, it’s time to move on to fresh meat. Putting off going into the real world with real problems in order to focus on petty problems– like what to wear to MNL– is definitely worth it.


Nhoc Nehpets: But the real world is basically college on steroids! Instead of walking past semi-tall buildings on Green Street while in debt, you can be walking down streets with skyscrapers while still in massive debt. Don’t avoid the real world and take another semester just because adulting seems scary.


Jungle Fever: I avoid the dentist because it’s scary and I’m also going to avoid the real world because it seems scary. It’s the same reason people go to grad school: to pay more money to avoid getting a job. It’s only going to get worse from here, but delaying the inevitable to have more fun is what keeps you young.


Nhoc Nehpets: But is there even anything left to do for an entire semester at UIUC? You’ve already had sex in the DJ booth at Lion, threw up on your TA at KAM’s, and inhaled chicken tenders at Papa D’s, so you’ve basically accomplished all you can in college. Plus, how hard can it be to take just nine more hours of summer classes?


Jungle Fever: Harder than that Lion DJ. Classes suck, and there’s always more debauchery to be had. Summer is for relaxing and this will be your last summer to do so. Take some time, take some tequila shots, and sit back to relax at graduation while you watch your friends accomplish their goals.

Nhoc Nehpets: Debauchery and tequila shots are for nights out with friends at adult bars, not the ones on campus that play Chainsmokers remixes on repeat. Stay at UIUC for a summer, spend time at Greek Reunion, and then move out of Chambana into a place where, if you’re absent, you’ll get fired instead of just losing iClicker points.


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