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What A Time Saver: Beer Showers Prove Equally Hydrating And Cleansing As Regular Showers

With midterms approaching, finding the perfect balance of studying and having a social life can be difficult. One deterrent, showering, takes up just enough time that it can deter people from being able to go to the bars.

Luckily, the engineering department has been working efficiently on a solution and has recently discovered the benefits of beer showers.

“The elements that make up a beer are similar elements that are present in a shower. By that I mean that the liquid quality of beer are the same to that of water,” explained masters engineering student, Michael Collins.

Beer showers are typically associated with birthday celebrations. As of late, they are simply a means of balancing school life with the typical college experience.

One Red Lion employee, Claudia Doh, doesn’t seem to understand the trend of replacing showers with your friends throwing beer cans at you while huddled in a circle.

“I guess the overwhelming smell of beer is an improvement over an overwhelming smell of body odor,” said Doh. “It’s mostly just fun to put on Snapchat stories. If it improves the overall smell of people, I guess that’s a perk that should be advertised.”

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