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Top 10 Places to Dab on UIUC’s Campus [With GIFs!]


What time is it? 1:19 p.m. on a Sunday? Hell no. It’s time to hit the dab. What are you eating for breakfast? Pecan-flavored granola bars? Guess what? It’s time to hit the dab. The Black Sheep has you covered for the top places to dab at UIUC, regardless of the situation.


10.) The Bust of Abe:




Show everyone how successful you’ll be on your test by rubbing Abe’s nose for good luck and then hitting Lincoln Hall with the dab.


9.) UGL Doors:




There’s nothing more impressive than a man who can open the heavy UGL doors, so hit em’ with the dab once you do it.


8.) Inside Memorial Stadium:




Be the first touchdown scored in Memorial Stadium in 2016 (we’re looking at you, Lovie) and hit the packed crowd with a Cam Newton-esque dab afterwards.


7.) Top of Alma:




Our girl Alma is always asking for someone to give her a hand slap. So, hook Alma up with a high five and the ol’ dab. We’re sure she’ll enjoy it.


6.) Next to a Trash Can:




Pick up a piece of trash (a.k.a one of the quizzes you failed), throw it in the garbage, and then hit everyone with a quick dab. There’s nothing more sexy than cleaning up the Earth and dabbing.


5.) Next to an Urbana Hipster:




Urbana is known for being the hipster part of campus. So, kick a hipster (or anyone with a beard, bike, and book), make them feel bad for being hipster, and then show them you run Champaign by hitting them with a dab.


4.) McDonald’s:




No matter the time of day, you can get breakfast at Green Street’s 24-hour McD’s. So, why not celebrate the fact that you can now get fast food mozzarella sticks by hitting the Golden Arches with the dab?


3.) After Getting into a Bar with your Fake ID:




The bar age in Champaign may only be 19, but there’s still all those lil’ 18-year-old freshies that need their fakes to get into the bar. When you get the nod from the worker, show everyone what you accomplished by hitting them with the dab.


2.) Eternal Flame:




For those uniformed Illini, the saying with the Eternal Flame goes, “A lover’s kiss will bring eternal bliss.” The more you know. Celebrate your eternal bliss by hitting the Quad with the dab.


1.) In Your Bed:




After a long day of dabbing, there’s nothing better than crawling back into your twin-sized bed and hitting the bed bugs with a dab.


Through our journey of hitting Chambana with absolutely horrendous dabs, we learned that UIUC is actually the dab capital of the world. Dab safely, Illini.


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