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Top 10: Things That Will Reunite at Greek Reunion

When frat guys and sorority girls return to Chambana during the summer for Greek Reunion, so much more comes together than just alcoholics and one of the country’s top party schools. Here are the top 10 things that will be reunited at Greek Reunion this year.


10.) Frat Guy and The Cocktagon:

There’s no iconic duo at UIUC like frat guys and The Red Lion’s Cocktagon, home of pissing contests and great conversation between a group of guys chasing after the same girl. Just don’t forget to pass on the asparagus mom’s cooking at home the night before you head to campus.  


9.) A Stomach and Cracked:

A whole semester later, many Illini still find themselves frustrated with the disappearance of Antonio’s and a Cracked storefront in its place. No matter how drunk students get this weekend during Greek Reunion, many people will end up reuniting their stomach and Cracked because nothing says Champaign like an egg burrito at 2 a.m.


8.) Alexander Hamilton and Red Lion’s Bouncer:

Without many good bars in the suburbs to get lit at, everyone should be saving up their money for Greek Reunion. It’s a good strategy to implement for when Red Lion has $10 cover and you need to separate from your Hamilton. Unlike the musical, Lion will not be the “room where it happens,” leaving that special distinction to your empty apartment.


7.) Your Phone and Tinder:

There’s nothing more uncomfortable to participate in at home during the summer than Tinder. Back on campus and looking for a one-night stand, your phone and Tinder will absolutely be together again this weekend as you swipe right on anything with a pulse.


6.) Sorority Girls and Blue Guys:

Whatever alcohol dad has left over from Christmas usually doesn’t do the trick to get sorority girls tipsy during the summer. During the first stop back at KAM’s, these classy ladies will be icing out on Blue Guys all night long.


5.) The Quad and Disappointment:

Despite spending the weekend on front lawns in Seniorland and in West Quad living rooms, most students undoubtedly find themselves having to cross the Main Quad at some point during Greek Reunion. Memories of disappointment, 9 a.m. vomits and 2 a.m. makeout sessions while walking back to the Ike are sure to reappear this weekend on the Quad.


4.) Natty Light and a Darty:

Name a more iconic partnership than Natty Light and darties — it obviously doesn’t exist. There’s nothing truly like carrying on the family tradition of chugging Natty while playing beer pong outside a 100-year-old house on a July afternoon.


3.) Netflix and Chill:

Living in the suburbs with your parents during the summer, but there isn’t anything  more difficult than the classic Netflix and Chill. While most Illini binge their favorite Netflix shows during the summer, nobody is hooking up 10 minutes into an episode besides the characters at Greek Reunion.


2.) Brothers and Bro Hugs:

After frat brothers haven’t seen each other in over a month, they’re going to share a hyper-masculine bro hug to reconcile before shotgunning a beer. These brothers actually know how to give hugs, Chad!


1.) Your First Orgy:

The gang is going to be back together for this wild evening of flaccid skin and uncomfortable moments Saturday night. Rip off your clothes, rip off someone else’s clothes and start screaming because Greek Reunion is going to be a weekend you’ll want to forget.


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