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Top 7 Frat Things To Do In Your Six Pack Dorm

It’s finally second semester, which means all of those freshmen alpha males that rushed first semester are stuck in a dorm for another few months until moving into their house next year. But just because you’re stuck in the Six Pack doesn’t mean it can’t feel like your future brotherhood, because there are tons of frat things to do in your Six Pack dorm.


7.) Hang Your Letters on Your Wall:

 Letters on Wall

As freshmen continue racking up that sick swag, like bro tanks with their frat’s letters on it, one can continue showing dominance over the lowlifes living in the same dorm by hanging their letters on their wall. If a freshman feels like being really obnoxious and ostentatious, hang the letters outside the door to show those geeds who they could be messing with.


6.) Perform Initiation Rituals in Your Room:

 Initiation Rituals

It’s never too early to practice the annual tradition of getting to haze the new members. Since candles aren’t allowed, break out a few flashlights, put on the bathrobe and start performing initiation rituals inside the dorm.


5.) Shotgun Lemonade:

 Shotgun Lemonade

UIUC dorms have a strict policy against alcohol, but they sure as hell don’t have a strict policy against lemonade. Every frat guy needs to be able to shotgun a Natty Light as an upperclassman, so it’s a good idea to start practicing shotgunning with some lemonade inside the dorm.


4.) Vomit in Your Roommate’s Bed:


Unless your suburban housewife of a mom is coddling you in your Naperville home, you’re going to have to clean up any vomit in your bed throughout your life. Get hammered with your roommate on some lemonade and pizza rolls from 57 and vomit in your roommate’s bed. Everybody should be able to aim their vomit in a frat house, and your super frat roommate, also from Naperville, is going to need some practice cleaning up all that puke.


3.) Wear Sperry’s in the Shower:

 Shower Sperrys

If a frat guy isn’t wearing Sperry’s, is he really in a frat? Assert your dominance over those pussies in your dorm by wearing Sperry’s everywhere – including the shower. If some geed judges you for wearing Sperry’s in the shower, remind them that you’re in a frat, which means you’re too good for a $5 pair of flip-flops from the one of the 20 Wal-Marts in Champaign.


2.) Throw Costume-Themed Parties:

 Themed Parties

Being in a frat is basically like acting in a play: you put on a costume every night and don’t have to act like yourself. To prep for the future costume-themed parties and exchanges with bad puns, throw costume parties every night. Your costume should be more than just a leprechaun hat, though.


1.) Play Drinking Games:

 Drinking Games

The only thing a frat guy is more accustomed to than wearing Sperry’s is playing drinking games. Six Pack dorms are typically too small to have a long ping-pong table for beer pong, but there are a bunch of other games that you can play in your dorm, like flip cup.


Since the semester has begun, there’s no better time to head over to 57, grab a few cans of lemonade and chicken tenders and start practicing getting trashed in the dorms. Your frat will thank you for being so good at frat life and will finally stop calling you a pledge.

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