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Top 7 Things Geeds Do During Spring Block

Spring Block for people involved in Greek life at UIUC is basically the same thing as Fall Block, without the accompanying shame of knowing you’re missing Illinois football getting shut out by Iowa. For U of I’s geeds, every Saturday – fall and spring semester – is the same. To give the students in the Greek bubble an idea of how geeds live their life, here are the top 7 things geeds do during spring Block.


7.) Go To Illinois Basketball Games:


Illini Basketball


Geeds love going to Illinois basketball games because it gives them an excuse to say that they went out on a Saturday. While there are countless activities more fun than watching 21-year-old men struggle to put a ball through a hoop, it’s the next best thing a geed can do if they’re not going to Lion.


6.) Sleep:

Sleeping Geed


Geeds appreciate sleep, which people in Greek life obviously don’t. Greeks wake up at 6 a.m. on the weekend to go to Block and shotgun a Natty Light, which seems neither fun nor healthy. Due to the busy 17-hour schedules and variety of RSOs (Squirrel Watchers Club) that geeds participate in, these Illini take advantage of the opportunity to waste away their Saturday mornings and sleep in their twin-sized bed in Taft-Van Doren.




5.) Study For Quizzes 2 Weeks in Advance:


Studying in Advance


Most Illini are complacent with just staying up-to-date on assignments and homework, finishing group projects by themselves and preparing for quizzes and tests the night before the exam. A truly amazing fact is that most geeds don’t roll like that. While Block is getting lit AF, geeds are studying for midterms, like ATMS 120, that they don’t have for another three or four weeks.


4.) Buy Chasers at I-57 For The Evening:


I57 Chasers

Since geeds are spending their Saturday afternoons on Compass 2g looking through their PSYC 100 syllabus for the 17th straight day, geeds decide to get turnt at night. To prepare for the inevitable dorm pregames, geeds buy chasers at I-57 during the day. The cranberry juice is restocked, the checkout lines are short, and nobody questions the kid in sweatpants picking up a variety of drinks at 2:30 p.m.


3.) Play PlayStation 2:

PlayStation 2


Nothing fills the loneliness of watching Snapchat stories of your CMN 100 group project members getting drunk at KAM’s than cranking out the ole’ PlayStation 2 and playing some college basketball video games from 2007. It fills the void of a friendless and non-alcohol Saturday afternoon and reminds you of a time that Illinois was decent at sports.


2.) Un-Ironically Wear Sports Jerseys:

Unironic Jersey


It’s not clear why this trend started, but for some reason wearing jerseys of players you’ve never heard of from teams that have relocated, disbanded or changed logos is a cool thing to do during Block. Geeds don’t like following these strange trends and instead choose to walk around campus during Block time wearing jerseys of their favorite players of teams that still exist.


1.) Spend Time Anywhere Except Red Lion:

Anywhere But Lion


Frats and sororities that go to Spring Block on a weekly basis seem to find themselves at Red Lion every single week. Geeds don’t have this luxury of spending time at TRL, so they chill out anywhere in Chambana except there. These independents would rather spend time in a crevice inside of their dorm than in a crowded bar.


There’s a high percentage chance that Spring Block may seem to get boring as the semester wears on. Whenever you get tired of drinking at Lion on a Saturday, just remember that the other half is spending time playing video games and sitting in crevices.

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