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Top 7 Things Illini Can Do While Waiting for Your Laundry


With free laundry in University Housing across campus and nearly everyone’s luxury apartments including a washer and dryer, every UIUC student is bound to spend a good amount of time waiting around in the laundry room looking for something to do. Luckily, The Black Sheep knows all of the fun things to do while waiting for your laundry to finish.


7.) Build a Fort:



A laundry room is a fantastic place to relive your childhood full of blanket forts with a fort made of a few uncomfortable chairs, a sink and the lost and found bin. The fort, while not a bomb shelter, is bound to protect students from a dreaded conversation with the RA about why Monday night Lion is a bad idea or from having to talk that girl they made out with last Thursday after two shots of Captain.


6.) Preach like Brother Jed at the Washers:




While Brother Jed has a captive audience of students looking for an excuse not to be on time to PSCH 100, UIUC students have a captive audience of washing machines that, frankly, don’t have anywhere to go because they’re washing machines. Yell at the washers for “constantly being too wet” or for “getting involved in everybody’s clothes.” Don’t leave until the washers know they’re going to Hell – or until your clothes are done.


5.) Wear The Hamper:



It’s 2016 and fashion is absolutely everything. Always looking to be one step ahead on campus, students always have a fun time waiting in the laundry room when they try on their hamper and put it over their head. Nobody wants to steal a hamper from someone when it’s being used as a vital part to a trendy new outfit.


4.) Netflix and Chill:




There’s no better place in a residence hall for an ice machine, students should spoon some ice from the machine and go to Netflix on their phone and truly have a “Netflix and Chill” experience. Your chances of getting laid in your dorm room during “Netflix and Chill” is the same as you were to do it in a laundry room.


3.) Go Through Other People’s Clothes:




For all those students that leave their clothes unsupervised in the laundry room as they return to their jail cell of a dorm room to take care of business, they deserve what’s about to come. It’s always a fun activity to search through other people’s clothes as they cycle through the dryer, because who knows, maybe you do want to own their “Naperville Central 2013 Men’s JV Tennis” t-shirt.


2.) Watch Other People Without Their Permission:



The first rule of the laundry room is that there are no rules in the laundry room. So, stalking someone else unloading their clothes from the dryer to the hamper is a fun and safe activity.


1.) Forget Your i-Card:



It’s not a very fun activity, but everyone is a dumb freshman once in a while and forgets their i-card up on the second floor in their room. When this occurs, students should have a fun and enjoyable time standing outside the glass window, looking inside at the incredible laundry room.


Laundry rooms at UIUC get a bad rap. Students usually complain that there’s never enough washers or dryers, too many malfunctions or just are looking for a reason to get mom to come do their own laundry. But do these fun activities and suddenly the laundry room looks more like an amusement park.


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