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Top 8 Places to Sit Alone in the Ike Dining Hall


A lot of people eat lunch by themselves in the Ike and usually just sit at some random table to eat for a little before heading off to another lecture. However, it does get boring to just sit at some table every day, so The Black Sheep decided to investigate the other top places to sit when you’re alone in the Ike. Bon appetit!


8.) A Table For 2:


Table For 2


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This is  the most normal of all the places to sit alone in the Ike since the probability of some random person coming to sit across from you is nearly zero. What kind of creep would sit in such an intimate space with you? Very few of them, so if you want to sit alone, take a table for two.


7.) A Long Table:


Long Table


Sitting at a long table is a touch more difficult that sitting at a table for two solely because the Ike is always so crowded from starving college kids that it’s very rare to possess a long table to yourself. However, it may look like to other people that you’re saving seats for all of your “friends,” quickly escalating you in the realm of popularity. Want to make it seem like you’re waiting for friends that don’t exist? Sit at a long table!


6.) Stairs:




Sometimes you really are just crunched for time and can’t stand talking to anyone about the latest episode of The Bachelor during lunch so just sit on the stairs. You can be positive people won’t join you there because there’s always a wet floor sign (even when the floor isn’t wet) and nobody wants to take the chance of getting their backside wet. Or maybe they just don’t want to sit on the stairs. One of those two…


5.) Corner against a wall:




So every table is taken and former Chancellor Phyllis Wise is sitting on the stairs and you don’t want to sit next to her so you now choose to sit in the corner against a wall and enjoy your tomato soup. Does it look a little weird that it looks you got pinned against the wall by John Cena? Yeah. Do you care that much? No, you’re just looking for the best place to sit alone in the Ike.


4.) Close to the Drink Machine:


Drink Machine


You’re a thirsty college student. Aren’t we all? So if you’re gonna be alone, at least try to quench you’re thirst sitting close to the drink machine! (Bonus key to success: drink machine upstairs never has a line, but also has fewer options.)


3.) Next to the Microwave:




The Black Sheep’s personal favorite place to sit alone in the Ike is next to the microwave. He makes some good conversation and really knows how to heat things up. Feeling lonely, sit next to the life of the party, the microwave.


2.) In the Computer Lab:


Computer Lab


So now you left the dining hall with your one snack (piece of fruit, ice cream cone, or cookie) and you decide to go to the computer lab because it’s a Friday night and nobody is going to be in there. Great place to be alone in the Ike!


1.) Outside on a Rock:




But at the end of the week, you’re out of credits and the best place to sit alone in the Ike is outside the Ike. That is, of course, unless you have friends to swipe you in, but then you won’t be alone…


So now you should have a better idea of where to sit in the Ike for lunch! Just whatever you do, don’t sit with Phyllis.

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