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UIUC Top House Frat Blesses Lower-Tier Sorority With Pregame If Fastest At Philanthropy Event

Philanthropy season is here among the Greek community at UIUC, and with it, rewards. This fall, top house Alpha Alpha Alpha is  gracious enough to award a peasant non-top house a pregame with them as a grand prize for their philanthropy.


Alpha Alpha Alpha philanthropy chair, Chad Johnson, admits he thought long and hard about honoring a team other than another top house the opportunity to pregame with them, let alone step foot in their house.

“After some deliberation at chapter we decided we could totally afford to do this whole pregame thing if some bottom-tier broads won a relay race or whatever. Drop a few bills on Burnett’s and a little chaser stuff,” said Johnson. “We wouldn’t normally let a non-top house win this amazing prize, but what’s the point of philanthropy if you’re not helping those who are less fortunate than yourself?”


Tri-Omega freshman Kelly O’Neil was the most excited member on her team for the Alpha Alpha Alpha philanthropy event. As a freshman, it’s her personal goal to be the house sweetheart and ultimately find a 19 ID that looks good enough to get her into Red Lion. All of her keys to success depended on one relay race.


“I begged my philanthropy chair to spend the $400 for a team and finally she gave in,” O’Neil said. “I’ve been training at the ARC ever since I found out the grand prize. Just to be seen with these top house hunks would totally get our house asked to Senior Block.“


Although Tri-Omega ended up winning the 1st place prize of a pregame, the top house fraternity has already invited some hotter girls instead.

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