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Top Ten Creative Names for Your Team at Brothers Trivia Night

Oh, you thought the monthly Trivia Nights at Brothers were about winning? You thought wrong, honey. Trivia Night is about having the most clever trivia team name, getting drunk off pitchers, and possibly inhaling some wings. Also, if your team name is clever enough and your trivia announcer is intoxicated enough, you just might win whatever the fuck it is you win at Bros trivia. So here are the top ten creative names for teams at Brothers Trivia Night. Feel free to steal them!

10.) Trivia Newton John:
Do we even have to explain why this is clever as shit? Haven’t you seen Grease, that movie where they fly into the clouds in a car somehow and the ending makes no sense? Well Olivia Newton John is the star of that film, and we can’t think of anything that rhymes with trivia besides “Olivia.” Oh wait, also “Bolivia.”

9.) Half of My Heart is in Urbana:
You’re local and you want to scream it from the rooftops! This trivia team name is best sung to the tune of Camila Cabello’s “Havana,” a song that even former President Obama endorsed!

8.) E=MC-Hammered:
You can reference an Einstein equation and alcohol and failed 90s rappers? You’ll be slaying electrical engineering poontang ‘til the break of dawn with a team name like this one.

7.) Hogwarts School of Quizardry:
Unlike the previous team name, this name has absolutely nothing to do with being cool. You’re a sniveling nerd and you’re owning it. This is how you do it if you want to be a tolerable engineering major. Be sure to refer to your Long Island pitcher as a “goblet” multiple times throughout the night.

6.) We’re Googling Everything:
Although Brothers has a “no phones out rule” at Trivia Nights, plenty of people still cheat. It pays to be honest, so maybe they’ll give you the prize since they know you’ll win by cheating anyway.

5.) Scott’s Tots Scholarship Foundation:
This is an The Office-specific team name because apparently everyone at Brothers has a big ol’ chub for The Office, as that’s almost always their theme. Someone probably already took the name “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica,” so this will have to suffice.

4.) Quiz in My Pants:
This is comedy gold! This shows that, although you may appear to be an esteemed TA who attends Brothers Trivia Night in your thick lenses and even thicker wool sweater, you’re still an immature middle schooler at heart.

3.) I Thought This Was Speed Dating:
What a knee-slapper even though in this day and age, Tinder is kind of our speed dating. And thank god for that, because we’d rather be sent unsolicited dick pics than wade through creepy guys in real life. 

2.) Quizlamic Extremists:
This will probably offend or alarm at least 1/3 of Brothers patrons. We hope you don’t like ISIS or anything. Although most anything can accomplish that, this team name is clever and biting, neither of which are traits you embody. Honorable mention goes to the team name “Quizlamic State.”

1.) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:
With such a winning name, how can you possibly lose? This team name will not-so-subtly brainwash the trivia hosts into letting you win even though you only got two questions right after you phoned a friend as if you were on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.

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