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UIUC Greek Reunion 2016 Community Calendar


Coming back to Chambana this summer for Greek Reunion? The Black Sheep is here to provide you a schedule of fun events in the Champaign-Urbana community throughout the weekend in case you don’t feel like puking from day drinking and getting bumped and grinded on at Red Lion all weekend long. All of the following events are 100% real.


Breeding Sheep Show (9 a.m. Friday July 15th at the Moultrie-Douglas County Fair):

Start your Greek Reunion weekend the right way with the kind of show that may put you to sleep through counting at the Breeding Sheep Show at the Moultrie-Douglas County Fair! Just be careful not to be grossed out by all of the ewe around the fair. AND if you’re feelin’ risky, try and snag a few of the black sheep for your own. We hear those black sheep are pretty freakin’ hilarious.


Read to a Dog (10 a.m. Friday at the Mahomet Public Library):

This event could also be copied back on campusby any woman in most frat houses, but the Mahomet Public Library is deciding to give anyone the opportunity to read to a dog. It is unknown whether these dogs will also ask for nudes, slide into your DMs, or ask to Netflix and Chill.


Lego Club (4 p.m. Friday at the Rantoul Public Library):

Overcompensate for your weaknesses and impress the local children with your UIUC engineering skills by building a taller Lego structure than the youngsters. Because you know what they say about large Lego constructions: they’ll get you a3.1 GPA from the College of Engineering.


Fisher Fair Rodeo (7 p.m. Friday at the Fisher Fair):

There’s nothing more interesting than a bunch of guys screamin’ “Yee-Haw!” but the concert by the Feudin’ Hillbillys following the rodeo is where the real excitement is. It’s amazing that a bunch of Illinois congressmen were able to form a band.


Are We There Yet? Storytime (11 a.m. Saturday July 16th at the Barnes and Noble in Champaign):

Take a seat crisscross applesauce and enjoy listening to Are We There Yet? The book is also commonly known as The Only Four Words That Come Out of My Sibling’s Mouth On the Ride to Champaign.


The Amazing Strong Man (3 p.m. Saturday at the Champaign Library):

Check out Illinois’ own 2010 America’s Got Talent contestant perform his amazing feats as The Strong Man. It’s also an act that many frat boys may try on you throughout the Greek Reunion weekend, so this is basically the same thing.


The Awful Truth (7 p.m. Saturday at The Virginia Theater):

As part of The News-Gazette Film Series, the 1937 film The Awful Truth will be playing at the historic Virginia Theater in downtown Champaign. While the movie may be full of snappy dialogue, hilarious romantic antagonism between its two stars – the talented, and long gone, Cary Grant and Irene Dunne – the “awful truth” is that you have to go back to your parents’ basement in suburbia until school starts again.


So venture away from campus this Greek Reunion and try out these fun-filled events on the Champaign-Urbana Community Calendar! And hey, if you ever find yourself bored again in the CU, just remember, there’s always something to do in a Central Illinois library on any given weekend.


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