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UIUC Loses Azzip Pizza, Still Just Sad About Antonio’s

Yesterday, the news that Azzip Pizza’s Green Street location is set to permanently close this Saturday was made public to campus. The company’s Champaign location lasted a little over two years, having opened September 9, 2015. Although students on campus are grieving Azzip’s untimely loss, there appears to be a still greater tragedy hanging over their heads.


“That sucks that Azzip’s gone, I loved their double meat Hooked deals!” said UIUC senior Sarah Barkley. “But the loss of Azzip was nothing compared to when stupid Cracked ripped our hearts out by closing Antonio’s. I still wear black head-to-toe every day to my classes in order to properly mourn the loss of our fallen drunk pizza place. It’s just not fair.”

Student across campus are experiencing the stages of grief differently in as Azzip closes. For many, they’re experiencing anger at the loss of any decent pizza places on Green Street.


“First they came for Antonio’s, and I did not speak out because I am but a lowly communications major,” sighed UIUC junior Mark McLellan. “Now Azzip? Granted, it had nothing on the mac and cheese slices from Antonio’s, but it was still decent pizza. Oh, the humanity!”


Students plan to leave their Antonio’s punch cards along with flowers on the sidewalk outside Azzip on Saturday in order to show their solidarity with the fallen pizza places.


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