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Sorority Girl Completely Subverts Gender Roles in Boyfriend’s Hoodie

Sophomore Megan Baker, a member of Alpha Chi Omega, was spotted last week in boyfriend Josh Rod’s Zeta Beta Tau brotherhood bar crawl UIUC hoodie. She was reportedly seen speed-walking to her 9 a.m. class from Rod’s apartment when this act of solidarity with the gender-nonconforming community occurred. 

“What a big way to say, ‘fuck you’ to the expected gender norms on campus. Incredible,” said UIUC freshman Becca Little, who saw the incident occur first-hand. “My entire view of Greek life has like, been shifted. Who knew it was so inclusive?”

“I was so hungover and cold when I woke up that morning,” Baker recalled. “I had probably eight too many Natty Lights the night before. I just grabbed the first sweatshirt I found on Josh’s floor.”

Even though Baker realized it was a hoodie meant for a frat star and not a strat girl like herself, she still fearlessly wore her sweatshirt around Frat Row.

“It’s definitely an edgy look,” boyfriend Josh Rod said. “I admit, I was a little afraid that people would look at her weird. But it’s time we break Greek stereotypes on campus. Not all sorority girls dress the same, you know.”

“I started getting emails from the Gender and Women’s Studies Department, like, praising me for my contribution,” Baker reported. “What an eye-opening experience. I think I’d even consider wearing my boyfriend’s sweatpants to class if I ever drunkenly spilled a Blue Guy on my dress the night before or something.”

Baker says she plans to continue being on the forefront of the gender revolution on campus.


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