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UIUC Student From Chicago Suburbs Will Never Go Home Again With Portillo’s in Champaign

The news of a Portillo’s building permit for a Champaign location at 2306 N. Prospect being approved on Monday has several UIUC students, like sophomore James Wardell, bursting with joy.


“I probably fainted three or four times while sitting in Lincoln Hall when I saw the tweets about ‘Tillos coming to Champaign,” Wardell, a Buffalo Grove native, said. “I don’t think there’s any reason for me to go home again once they build our Portillo’s.”


Portillo’s, a Chicago-based restaurant knows for its hot dogs and chopped salad with little pieces of pasta, will be off-campus at UIUC, but that isn’t concerning to Wardell.


“While I’ll never being going home to Buffalo Grove again, at least I’ll have reason to venture off campus,” Wardell said. “This gives me one helluva reason to tour the great city of Champaign.”


While Wardell is on cloud nine with this new Champaign addition, his parents are concerned about losing their son.


“He’s just not ours anymore,” James’ mom, Tina, said. “We only had one thing left to offer him that Champaign didn’t, and we just lost that. This is a tragedy and a very sad day in our household.”


Champaign City Manager Dorothy David claims that the rush to get a Portillo’s in town is a ploy to stop students leaving UIUC to go home and get that savory Italian beef and chopped salad.


“I knew there were some good reasons I chose U of I,” Wardell said. “I just didn’t know those reasons involved chocolate cake shakes.”

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