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UIUC Student Successfully Changes Major for the 4th Time This Month

One’s college years serve as a transitional period for many; a time where they can feel free to explore and discover themselves. It’s no surprise that approximately 80% of all students in the US will change their major at least once. Some students, like UIUC sophomore Olivia Bergles, are taking full advantage of the freedom this period offers.


“I just feel like I shouldn’t be tied to one thing, you know?” said Bergles. “I’ve always been a person with a lot of different interests and passions, so where better to explore them than college? Graduation can wait. I’ve basically been living at the Career Center.”


Bergles has been making her rounds, through some of the more obscure programs of study, just recently switching from classical archaeology to human nutrition to plant protection before settling on medieval civilization just this week.


“We’re doing everything we can to ensure Olivia is in the best position to figure out who she really is,” explained guidance counselor Diane Sharpe, who’s been personally assisting Olivia through her many degree program changes. “If she has to stay a few more years to do that, that’s okay too, we’ll happily collect her tuition money!”


The advising office tries to make sure the major change process is as simple as possible so students aren’t afraid to go through it as many times as necessary.


“At this point they expedite my request forms,” continued Burgles. “So they process it and have it reflected on Enterprise by the next day.”


Any students interested in changing their major can visit the undergraduate advising website and try out their new degree-change portal for themselves.





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