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UIUC Students On Goth Bar Crawl Ice Out Their Drinks, I Guess Or Whatever

UIUC student’s Tim Duffy, Carl Wertz, and Jenna Rubin participated in a less-than enthusiastic ice out while on the 1st annual Illinois Goth Alliance Bar Crawl last week.

While walking out of his philosophy class wearing his signature Marilyn Manson t-shirt and black jeans, Duffy addressed reporters about the indifferent chug.

“We had just finished smoking our Viceroys and had come inside when Carl goes, ‘We could ice out these drinks or something,’” Duffy said. “It was whatever.”

Many were surprised by the three’s apparent public demonstration of camaraderie, as students who have shared classes with the trio have described them as “not social” and “weird.” Julie Smith, who was a witness to the scene, described the ice out in detail.

“I was at KAM’s to support one of my sister’s bar battles, when I noticed those three–how could I not?” Smith questioned. “They were just sort of standing there in the corner staring at everyone with contempt. Then I see them scooping their ice out of their drinks. They didn’t even look like they wanted to be doing it! Are these guys ever happy?”

Outside his room at Allen Hall, Wertz clarified that while they had participated in an ice out, he was still committed to being depressed.

“It wasn’t like we were really icing out. It was ironic, we’re not like these frat bro meatheads. I have never watched a sport in my life.”  

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