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UIUC Study Abroad Office Flooded with Requests to “Get the Hell Out of Here” Due to Trump Presidency

As a result of one of the wildest election cycles most people have ever witnessed, The Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange office has reported a drastic increase in inquiries about the study abroad program due to Donald Trump’s impending presidency.

Specifically, students have been bombarding the department with emails asking how they can leave the country immediately and whether Nordic countries are in fact real or make believe.

Susan Hofstra, a UIUC senior who works for the Study Abroad Office, had much to say about the absolute mayhem of the past 24 hours.

”We’ve gotten about 2,000 emails since the election results came in and I think I’ll have carpal tunnel by the end of the week,” said Hofstra. “I now understand why it took the FBI so long to go through all those Clinton emails. I’m just wondering which of us have had to go through more dick pics.”

While the majority of requests have come from students who wanted to make America great again, many students who supported the presumptive president still have a bitter taste in their mouth.

“We’re  the laughing stock of the world for letting Trump win. Like, this man has zero Twitter game and definitely wears a toupee,” remarked sophomore Austin Hanson. “So I’m just going to study abroad in Sweden or some shit because I heard the girls there are fine as hell.”

In response to the chaos, the department has announced an 8-semester study abroad, roughly how long it’ll take for America to get its shit together due to Trump being our next president.


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