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Urbana Girl Dyes Her Hair Pink, Swears She’s Different From 7 Other Girls You Just Passed With Pink Hair

Wandering the streets of Urbana, Illinois students will inevitably come across many women with pink hair. Maggie Warren, however, swears she’s different.


“I dyed my hair pink, because, like, I just feel like expressing myself,” said Warren.


She was unable to comment on exactly what the color expresses, however.


“I feel like I don’t fit into a box, I want to be seen as unique,” she said while a girl with a slightly darker shade of pink hair walked past.



Warren’s hair is not the only thing about her that she claims makes her unique.


“I identify as pansexual. So far, though, everyone that’s been the right person for me has just been a cis man,” she said. “Men are the worst though, I was totally at the Women’s March in Champaign and not hungover on my couch.”


A self-proclaimed intersectional feminist, Warren claims that social justice is a big part of her life.


“I consider myself an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community and to people of color because I only say hate speech when I drink heavily,” Warren said, “I swear I totally never mean it like that, haha!”


Warren began smoking an American Spirit cigarette outside Allen Hall and went out of her way to blow smoke in the face of girls with blue hair walking by.


“I wear the choker to let the boys know I’m into anal,” Warren said. “I dyed my hair pink to let them know that I’ll definitely call them every day after we hook up until they block my phone number.”


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