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Should You Use Hooked or Pocket Points?

The rise of tuition, lack of financial aid from the university, and a shitty budget from the State of Illinois have forced us to use apps like Hooked and Pocket Points just to get a couple dollars off a Subway sandwich. Both apps are used by U of I students, but which is superior? The editors argue it out below:

Original Pancake: Listen, I love getting rewarded for doing things. Pocket Points ingeniously rewards you for not using your phone in class. But you know what I love even more? Getting rewarded for doing absolutely nothing. When I use Hooked, it feels like someone in the universe is gifting me with a half-priced, large Mia Za’s pizza because I’m a good person and I deserve it.

Diego Manischewitz: Haven’t you heard of the phrase, “no pain, no gain”? I know you Millennials enjoy haunting your brain with the ghost of Steve Jobs by way of an iPhone, but would it kill you to put it down for a second? Soon, you’ll have enough points for a free drink at Legends, and if you have some damn self-control, a free pizza at Papa John’s.

Original Pancake: Buy one $10 Papa John’s pizza, get one free is a frequent deal on Hooked that I need NO self control for. In these trying times since the collapse of the nation’s economy in 2008, the Hooked deal for 99-cent tacos at the new Mono Loco is truly a lifesaver. Essentially, Hooked gets people to buy more tacos and will save the economy.

Diego Manischewitz: I get the whole “recession” thing, I saw The Big Short, but there are very few apps that help you with your education. Instead of scrolling through Hooked, you get to turn off your damn phone and rack up those points by getting that young radiation in your jeans. Pocket Points allows you to pay attention to your professor bragging about all their PhDs, which is why we’re in college in the first place.

Original Pancake: That may be, but if I’m actually paying attention in class, I’ll miss out on valuable Hooked deals! I want to know if I need to leave class and book it across the Quad to the YMCA for $5 Thai food entrees because the deal is only available for 7 more minutes. One of the biggest things you learn in college is time management, and Hooked will teach you that better than any lecture.

Diego Manischewitz: It’s incredibly telling that Illini rely on temporary coupons and beating the clock for an okay deal. The best part of Pocket Points is stability. You know you’ll be getting that $1 off a Cookiewich from Insomnia with the 10 points you got. Nothing in this life is certain, except for death, taxes, and Pocket Points.

Original Pancake: Even the threat of inevitable death won’t convince me to use Pocket Points. Once you start using Hooked at every waking hour, like me, you’ll realize there’s a specific weekly schedule. Hooked helps you mold a healthy (?) and varied diet on campus!
Diego Manischewitz: You’re letting an app control your entire diet. It sounds way too 1984 to me. I call on every Illini to take control of their lives by putting away their phones. It’s so important to gamify everything because if I’m not instantly gratified by points, it’s not even worth doing. That’s why Pocket Points tops Hooked.

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