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Top 10: Last Minute Halloween Costumes for IU Students

Whether Campus Costumes sold out of your slutty clown costume or you decided you wanted to be original and not dress up as Risky Business with a group of 10 friends, again, you’ve come to the right place. The Black Sheep has costumes that are guaranteed to be a hit and show off your Hoosier pride at the same time. We’re here to help you put your procrastination skills to good use with these last-minute Indiana celebrities to dress up as.


10.) Tom Crean: Put on your best suit with a white shirt and a red tie. Top off the look with reading glasses and a middle part. Feel free to walk around all night bragging about that one time the president ranked your team number 1 (we’ll forget about that pesky Biggest Underachiever nickname that same year).


9.) The crazy preacher man: Grab your bible, walking stick and get out there! Post up in one spot all night and shout obscene, but probably true, statements at your friends while they sin their way through Halloween. Don’t have a bible? I’m sure he’s still handing out his mini ones.


8.) Dennis Quaid in Breaking Away: This look is complete with a Cutters shirt, a bike and some very short shorts. Feel free to make this a group costume as long as you include a friend who is obsessed with the Italians and promises to speak only with an Italian accent all night.


7.) Blow-dart gun bandit: Grab your Nerf gun, wear all black and terrorize any unsuspecting deliveryman who’s unfortunate enough to cross your path. Afraid they’ll report you? No worries, just refocus your attention to the squirrels… Better yet, just skip this one, you will most probably get arrested for this.


6.) Bobby Knight: Forget pumpkin chucking, chair throwing is all the rage when you slap on a red sweater and channel your inner Bobby Knight. Go crazy breaking clipboards, screaming at everyone, and running 3-man weaves until all your friends puke. Don’t forget to throw every chair you come in contact with.


5.) The Ernie Pyle statue: All you need for this costume is a knit cap with goggles pushed on top, and a typewriter if you’re feeling ambitious. Oh yeah, don’t forget to misspell “correspondent” which you can easily incorporate into your costume by writing it somewhere on your t-shirt, arm, or forehead.


4.) The “Wat Shot”: Bring out your old Watford jersey and grab a basketball. The costume’s not complete without all the fans storming the court, though. Pump up all your friends and then duct tape them together, making sure you’re in the middle of the excitement. Kuck Fentucky!


3.) Cody Zeller: Whether you want to dress up as this hometown hero by riding a tractor, wearing stilts and your new Bobcat’s jersey, or paying all the freshman girls to ask you for a picture, people should be able to guess who you are pretty easily. If they don’t, they’re probably from another school, so proceed to DUNK ON THEM all night.


2.) Water balloon criminal: Think you can handle dressing up as the biggest badass on campus? Hop in the car and chuck as many water balloons as you can at the kids trick-or-treating or your friends stumbling to the next party.


1.) A Hoosier: Don’t know what the beloved school mascot is? You’re not alone, no one does. It’s probably cool if you bring out the candy stripe pants, stuff some corn into the pockets, and wear a baseball hat. No one will question it.


So bypass the craziness at Campus Costume’s and be original this Halloween with one of these quick, easy, and non-slutty costumes. I’m sure you hooligans could find a way to sleaze them up if you really want to, anyways. 

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