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Top 10: Things Only IU Students Know to be True

There’s no doubt in any Hoosier’s mind that IU is the best university. Whether you’re a current student or alumni, your best and worst memories have occurred on this beautiful, perfect campus. From racking up an impressive bar tab every weekend to the best college week in the country, we kill it. However, there’s so much more to IU than its student’s impressive drinking skills and cycling abilities. You know you’re a Hoosier at heart when you can relate to everything on this list and not think it’s weird at all.


10.) A crazy preacher man gets more attendance than your classes: You can guarantee when you walk past the preacher man damning every student to hell there will be a bigger crowd around him then you’ve ever seen in your 8 a.m.


9.) Your wardrobe revolves around KOK t-shirts and sorority/fraternity apparel: Can you even remember what you wore before college?


8.) You think it’s normal to run a nearly naked mile: Every year during Homecoming weekend students gather in Dunn Meadow to run a mile around campus. Naked. Well, nearly naked, but some of those outfits, or lack thereof, are questionable. But, like, it’s for charity.


7.) You’ve participated in a contraception application relay in class: Not just your middle school sex education kind, either. Home to the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University is a front-runner on sex research and all things sex. Get the full experience by taking human sexuality and be prepared for the optional assignments of going to a strip club or watching porn.


6.) You associate a staircase with death: Seriously, what is wrong with the Ballantine stairs? Go up to the third floor, which is really the fifth floor, and watch students gasping for air and trying to nonchalantly wipe away their sweat.


5.) You’re more afraid of being hit by a bike than you are by a car: There is nothing more terrifying than walking to class and seeing your life flash before your eyes when a bike zooms past you without any warning. Whether they’re training for a Lil’ 5 team or they think they are, when really they’re just headed to class, every bike rider on campus has come close to knocking out a student at least a million times.


4.) You play beer pong with only Pizza X cups: Why waste money on red solo cups when you’ve racked up countless Pizza X cups to never have to do your dishes again.


3.) It’s tailgate season, not football season: While every other school looks forward to cheering on their football team, IU students only care about the tailgate. There’s a football game afterwards?


2.) You attend Friday After Class at Kilroy’s more than you actually attend your Friday classes: Student’s at IU know the painful feeling of sitting through class when all you can think about is the free food and $2 pints waiting for them at Roy’s. Bonus: You’ve mastered being a Hoosier if your only plan on Friday is FAC.


1.) You visit other schools and realize everyone thinks you have a drinking problem: You can’t help it if your pregame is their party.


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