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5 Haunted Places in Iowa City That’ll Make You Spill Your Beer


After a while, it’s easy to feel like a college town is being haunted by the ghosts of your past. You might walk in to a dingy, humid, packed basement one day and realize “oh, this is where I fell down the stairs and went home at 11:00 p.m. crying my freshman year.” Perhaps you have to pass by that one classroom where you failed a midterm and you seem to hear the haunting whispers of your past self, shunning you for not studying harder. But  hopefully consuming a crisp beer this Halloween season, you can do so in one of these places haunted by more than just your own memories…


5.) Currier Hall:



No: it’s not just scary because all of the sudden the freshmen look like babies and you look like you’re getting wrinkles and weren’t you just a freshman and how is time going so fast and what are you going to do when you graduate and have to live in the real world and wow grocery shopping is so expensive you never thought you’d say it but kind of miss going to the dining hall…Nah brah, it’s haunted. Grow up and learn to be afraid of the paranormal, not just the future.

The ghosts that haunt the E300s are supposedly the lost souls of a triple suicide on that floor: supposedly caused because of a dispute over a guy. Even if students aren’t afraid of the ghosts, no one wants to hear the annoying footsteps and wailing cries of girls still hung up on “that guy” they were obsessed with freshman year. If you see any ghosties, please report it to the front desk.


4.) Black Angel (Oakland Cemetery):



Just like catching a football game, goofing off with friends, and saving plenty of time for studying– the Oakland Cemetery and the lifelong curse inflicted by the Black Angel on anyone who touches her is a staple of the college experience. If the cemetery weren’t off campus, a couple blocks east of N. Dodge, it would surely be a stop on prospective student tours. There’s nothing to prepare incoming students for the Iowa experience like seeing the glowing figure of the angel walking around the cemetery that will someday come to resemble them gravitating to Pancheros in the middle of the night, or feeling the paralyzing terror that the angels spread which they will one day feel when they open ICON and see that they have homework due at 11:59 p.m. that they knew nothing about. 


3.) The Haunted Book Shop:



Okay so apparently it’s not actually haunted, but then again they’ve changed locations four times…what are they running from? What are they hiding in all of those books that no one reads? How do they compete with Prairie Lights? Maybe the answers are hidden in the “Occult & Magic” section which, yes, is a real thing. Don’t spill your beer here, the books will haunt you.


2.) Slater Hall:



Supposedly, a student on the ninth floor once jumped to his death and now wanders the floor with an axe. Why the axe? We don’t know. There are also reports of screaming in the halls at night, but those good ole’ Slater Sluts really don’t sleep so who’s to say if that’s paranormal or not. These things call for further investigation.


1.) Watt’s Antiques and Collectibles:



The truly paranormal event occurring at this place is that it’s still in business. People have reported footsteps, voices, cold spots, and uncomfortable feelings in this antique store, but we think those might have just been Yelp! reviews that people turned in to scary stories. Can’t you sort of expect a nosy salesperson and uncomfortable feelings in any antique store? Still, we guess you never know what spirits are clinging to those creepy porcelain figures, creaky furniture, and Iowa collectibles. Imagine how scary the ghost of a die-hard Hawkeye fan would be: bloodshot slits of eyes glaring in your direction; one meaty hand clutching an authentic Iowa helmet and the other spilling a ghostly, and never-empty beer. 


Whether you’re an amateur ghost hunter or just an escapist hoping to find something even more scary than the threat of graduation, go check out these haunted places. Put a cap on that beer, you don’t want to be murdered by a ghost for sloppy execution do you? Drink up, friends, and Happy Halloween!

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