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Herky And Ranch, And 4 Other Pizzas Mesa Should Make With Ingredients They Found On Campus

Can you smell the mysterious pizza over the days old Pancheros trash on the corner of Clinton and East Washington? Really makes you crave some new pizzas from your favorite joint. The Black Sheep has uncovered the six rumored pizzas at Mesa made out of ingredients found on campus that are sure to leave you asking for more campus-sourced pies.

5.) Gravel and knee skin off the East Washington Street hill:
Every student has slid down this hill at least once and skinned their knees and nearly bled out during those brutal Iowan winters. Mesa will only sell this pizza during the colder months where they can scoop up the fresh, bloody gravel and sling it in the oven right away. For those students looking for a high-protein pizza, it doesn’t get any better than this.

4.) Corner of the IMU parking ramp elevator:
This grody, yet edible pizza is only made when the staff of Mesa strikes gold in the IMU parking ramp elevator. Waiting for some student to leave their unfinished bag of Hot Cheetos or the crumbs of an Erbert and Gerbert sandwich, Mesa will take whatever they can find and craft it into the best guilty pleasure pizza in all of Iowa City.

3.) Pineapple and charcoal:
It’s already a statement to be putting pineapple on pizza, and charcoal-anything is hip, so Mesa paired the two together. Get your Instas ready for this black and gold pizza that will come out the same colors that it is going in.

2.) Grass from the Pentacrest and berries from the Ginkgo tree:
For the health nuts out there who love the Pentacrest, this pizza is for you. Mesa freshly picks the shit-smelling berries and grass daily to ensure freshness.

1.) Herky and ranch:
Everyone in Iowa City loves Herky and ranch. Mix the two together and you’ve got a match made in Heaven. Using old Herky uniforms from the past, and slathering it up in some creamy ranch infused with dirt found around campus, Mesa creates the pizza that is sure to turn an Iowa State fan into an Iowa student in seconds.

Everyone loves pizza and Iowa. Mesa morphed the best of both worlds and created five pizzas that are ten times better than their mac and cheese slices. Definitely keep an eye out for Mesa’s newest pizza, Iowa sweet corn and salty freshman tears, coming August of this year.

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