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The Hottest Destinations on the Cambus Blue Route

As Iowa City continues to freeze over, many students long for a quick getaway to distract them from the early semester blues. But after spending $540 at the Co-Op again, it can be hard to find a small vacation opportunity that’ll work on a college budget. Never fear, for The Black Sheep is here to provide you with all the sexy, flirty, and fun destinations you can hit up just by hopping on your favorite Blue Route Cambus!

If you’re looking for some 5-Star cuisine, check out… THE IMU STOP:
Featuring luxurious food options ranging from pasta from The River Room to sultry potato bowls from Union Station, the IMU is the perfect hideaway for foodies all over campus. You can even check out the prepackaged boiled eggs from the convenience store next to the Hawkeye Room, a classic Iowa favorite. There’s also vending machines galore to get your Diet Coke and Powerade fix. It’s a classic stop that’ll fill even your pickiest friend’s needs. Plus, you can get most of these mouth-watering items with the purchase of a Flex meal pack, starting at the low low price of just $1.4 million.

If you’re looking for unexplored spots, check out… MAYFLOWER HALL:
Legend says that there’s a dorm located far off the main campus that houses over 1,000 students, but nobody has ever been brave enough to go and see for themselves. The journey will take a detour that’ll add 30 minutes to your travel time, but the thrill of being the first to discover a hidden residence hall would make your social medias blow up to no end.

If you’re looking to speak with President Bruce Harreld, check out… CHURCH STREET SOUTH:
Your travels can take you so many places on the Blue Route, but most students don’t know that you can see the elusive and mysterious President Bruce Harreld simply by hopping off at Church Street. The President’s House is just across the street from the stop, and if you’re looking to interact with him this may be just the place. It’s your chance to be the paparazzi and see a celebrity on campus, and only one stop down from Burge! Who would have thought?

If you get ill on your vacation, check out… STUDENT HEALTH:
Got sick on your daycation to the Law Building? Just hop on that Blue Route and travel on over to Student Health to cure yourself so you can continue to travel. With an estimated wait time of five hours, be sure to allocate your time wisely. The doctors will make you feel comfortable and safe as they examine every inch of your body and ask how much sex you’ve been having, even if you just have a cold. It’s the most thrilling stop we have on the Blue Route.

So now that you know vacation is at the tip of your fingers, what are you waiting for? Download BONGO today, and hop on the next Blue Route stop closest to you. Please be advised that when your Cambus says “2 minutes away” it can mean anything from “Arriving Right Now” to “It’ll Just Be Another 47 Minutes, Sit Tight!” Happy traveling!

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