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Iowa Sophomore Signs Lease to Live in IMU Rest Nest

On November 9, 2017, Iowa sophomore Stefanie Kane was the first person to sign an official lease with the Iowa Memorial Union to permanently live in the Rest Nest. The University of Iowa was wary to begin legally leasing the room, but they noted that the circumstances were very unique.

The Rest Nest, a room in the IMU with dimmed lights and reclining chairs, was originally designed for study breaks and power naps. However, according to UI Student Services representative Alan Daniels, Kane’s was a special case and offering her a lease seemed a natural course of action.

“Ms. Kane showed exemplary dedication to this room, she quite literally lived there for several weeks already,” said Daniels. “She was regularly kicked out for spending over 30 minutes in it at a time, and after the 500th attempt to remove her, we finally just offered her an official rent deal.”

Kane was especially excited about the offer after we woke her up to talk about it.

“I love this place,” she said through a yawn. “I’m taking 18 semester hours, and this place has full-ass reclining chairs. Who wouldn’t be drawn to it? I can just sleep on campus without anyone judging me.”

Renting the Rest Nest is $10,000 a month, but Kane was completely willing to do it. “It’s the UI, so I knew it’d be expensive,” she said after we nudged her to wake up again. “But they said I could U-Bill it, so I’m not really gonna think about the realities for a while.”

Kane’s old roommate, Roy Richards, was “shocked but not surprised” by this turn of events. Richards claimed that Kane never spent nights at their apartment, and she assumed she was just crashing at other people’s places. “I honestly thought she had a boyfriend she was living with. I guess she just really loves sleeping in public places.”

Kane is already decorating her new area in the Rest Nest and moving some boxes in. “It’s tricky, because I actually only signed the lease for one of the reclining chairs, so I don’t have that much space,” she said, tossing a small blanket over a chair. “But home is home, even if there’s a bunch of strangers watching me sleep.”

The Rest Nest is now available for lease for the spring semester.

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